29 Dec 2012

First clip from fishing in Stockholm

So here's a small clip that Patrick shot with his head-cam.
I was standing beside him,we were talking to another guy and he was just lazily placing his fly out in the stream and was rather surprised that he got a bite.
On the other hand it was propably not a big one and he wasn't very scuffed about loosing it.

Mattias shot a bit more and i'm eagerly waiting for his edit!

28 Dec 2012

There and back again

If Bilbo would have brought a 2 hand rod on his trips instead of a stick.
I wonder wha fishing is like in middle earth.


I'm back from my trip down the country.
Visited family and fished a couple of days.
I've already told you about Gävle so here's Stockholm!

I got picked up by car,the luxury of it was not lost to me, and we arrived at the Stockholm stream at about a quarter to six in the morning.
Just half an hour later the first fish was hooked by Patrick and i jumbled to get the net ready while Mattias got the camera.
Unfortunatly the fish snagged on a rock and got loose.
That one was probably big,the second one he hooked was a bit smaller.

To me it was a moodraiser though, now we knew the fish was there!
We kept on fishing but to little success.
We changed the spot and i really found it wierd and interesting fishing amongst the houses and trying to anchor the line while standing by a wall 5 metres above the water.

My favourite spot of the day was just downstream of the house of government, it was possible to wade and make proper casts.

All and all there were two fish hooked by Patrick but none landed over the day, i got a possible take but it would have just bit the wing of the fly and not the hook.

It was great fun,i delivered the swap flies and i got to do a bit of fishing, talk about fishing with people equally interested and try my luck on the seatrout of our capital.

Mattias in the inner city
A good day and i hope i get to fish with these lads again!

26 Dec 2012

Halfway there

So,i've survived the christmas,it was really nice in fact.
As i said i stayed in Gävle to do some seatrout fishing but unfortunatly no takers.
On the other hand,none of the other three people doing flyfishing that day caught anything either.
Mus have been one of those days and winter flyfishing IS hard.

When you see winter steelhead flyfishing films out there filmed in the US their winer seems more like our early November.
Here it's up to a metre of snow and down to -20 when we go fishing.

Tomorrow it's time for the fishing highlight of the trip when i meet the lads from Troutpassion in Stockholm and try my luck at the seatrout there.

21 Dec 2012

More intruders

Tied another one, purple this time.

I'm finding that i'm lacking a lot of feather materials such as hackles and saddles of different sorts.
The flies are all right but not all the way there.

20 Dec 2012

New flies for Stockholm

Inspired by a picture one of my co-fishermen in Stockholm sent me i tied up a couple of colourfull big ones for the cold waters of Scandinavian winter.

So here's my first try on intruders, did a couple of different colours with and without chain eyes.
I like the aestetics of these big gaudy bugs.
Not your classic nor contemporary hairwings but a good way to get to use some of those seldom used materials, fun combinations and go nuts with colours.

Orange. Best one in my opinion.
Went for a more "dirty orange" look and added some black.

Blue and silver with chain bead eyes.

19 Dec 2012

Fishing the Capital

I'm in the midst of planning a mini fishing trip.
Gonna pop down to Stockholm over christmas since i'm fairly close anyways.
The aim is set on seatrout and i'll be fishing with the lads from Troutpassion, something to wich i'm greatly looking forward to.

Right now it's talks about the best flies, where to stand,depth to fish and all that anticipation that comes with planning a trip.
Of course,as always, you find yourself thinking that the very first cast will grant you that big one.
Not likely but you know the feeling!

If i'm at all successfull it will be my first seatrout ever.
There is also a slim slim chance at salmon but the trout is the main target.

I'm planning to make a stop in Gävle and fish there as well on my way down the country to try for some seatrout there as well.
So a 14' pole, heavy sinking tips,skagit lina and big colourfull flies!
I'm really excited!

I'll probably keep posting in the comming days as i'll tie some more flies for the trip.

14 Dec 2012

Tube fly adapter kit

The pellet and the egg - a fly tying story

The egg pattern is a well known and insanely simple pattern that i'm sure can be complicated and perfected in many fascinating ways.
Here i've just tied it with one material, orange antron yarn.
I also tied a black pellet for those newly escaped farmed rainbow trout that hasn't really adapted to feeding on living things yet but find this black depressing blob to be a worthy feast.

While some fisherman might not like the idea of catching a fish on a pellet imitation (i'm not entirely sure either) it is in fact imitation fishing.
Find out what the fish eat and then present that to them.

However these 1 cm balls of dubbing have another application as well and that is combined with other,more elaborate, flies!

Adding to the body.
 Sometimes you may find that the fish is indeed biting but you tied your fly on a short tube and simply need a bit more body on the fly.
Slide on a dubbing ball of suitable colour (or more than one,depends on what you want) and voliá,you now have a longer fly with the hook set further back.

Instant leech
When it comes to the egg it is already part of the well known Egg sucking Leech pattern.
And here you can see i've just slid the egg on in front of the fly to create an ESL from a different one.
Can be usefull if you want to fish a specific fly but just need a little bit of a striking point for instance.

Other interesting adaptations can include hackle collars or deer hair heads to give your fly a little bit more movement in the water or turn it in to a skater fished with a dry line.

Slide the hackle in front of the fly to add colour,slide the deer hair behind the fly to get some volume and lift and fish it with a sinking line or exactly match the current worm hatch size by stacking upp hackle segments until you reach the perfect lenght.

I'm sure you can all think of thousands of applications for both saltwater and freshwater, both flowing and still!

The first fish

Stumbled upon this video over at the GFF Video Channel and thought i'd share it. I can't remember the first fish i caught. Probably a perch or something like that. I can however remember the many many times that my father took me fishing. Mostly pike and perch, i remember one summer eve when we caught 26 perch in an hour in the sunset, and most of the times on spinning rod, he's not the fly fishing purist i am ;) The first fish i caught on a fly was a rainbow trout on a small black nymph fished on a sinktip line in a lake. Here's the film about a five year old boy catching His first fish.

11 Dec 2012

Last piece of the pussle

So here's the last piece of the swap.
The nymph "The Orange Attacker", one of my very best patterns that very seldom fails to deliver fish.
A pure attractor pattern wich sinks fast and fishes deep.

10 Dec 2012

Flyswap update.

I've been thinking for a while about the fly-swap i'm in atm.
I realised that i find Crazy Charlie and the Purple Zonker to both be streamers and for that reason i've swapped the CC for a no-name wetfly with more of a classical look.

So this is what i'm entering in with on the wet fly!

I'm not in any ways claiming to know classical tying but still,i thought i'd give it a try and thought up a simple pattern.

Partridge,Peacock,Blue rooster hackle, silver tinsel,silver wire and silver braid, yellow rooster cape,black rooster hackle and pheasant tippet feather.

Not the fanciest materials and as you notice i don't have the trademark jungle cock that marks many classic wet flies.

Historical curiosity.

Fly fishing is an old art, no arguments there?

But unknown to most is that it's not all about,nor has it been all about rising browns and atlantic salmon.
Here's a picture of a pike fly,some sort of sculpin by the looks of it from 1865!

Looks like it uses two peacock feathers for the wing and then some sort of hair material for the body.
Tied on a double hook makes this kind of a beauty!

7 Dec 2012

New line - Ace Skagit

I have been looking for a used skagit line to save some money but couldn't find  a proper one and buckled (or got myself a birthday present,after all it's upcoming!).

I landed on the line iv'e been looking at all along, the Vision Ace Skagit.
got a 610 grain/39 gram line for my #9-10 Zpey Zero 14'.
Bit on the overload perhaps but it's a fairly stiff rod.

On the other hand,some swear by it that you can and should overload a rod for skagit severly.

The box says "A package full of kickass" and i'm hoping that'll hold true, tossing big flies is allright with the scandi line but the heavy tips hardly lift of the water (well,not getting any distance at least.)

So here I go, skagit, i'm gonna pop down to the river at the first chance and try it out.